Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Venetian

I’ve pictured a few assorted casinos in the past, time to get back to displaying the reasons that most people come to Vegas. Today we’ll discuss The Venetian Resort and Casino.

We wander around the casinos on the Strip once in a while, usually when out of area visitors come and want to see something. We do make it a point to hit the Bellagio periodically to see what new decorations are in the conservatory, but besides the seasonal decorations along the front shopping area that’s about the only thing we go to see there. But I do like to visit the Venetian and walk along the canals, there is usually entertainment in St. Mark’s Square, and it’s more open. The sky is always blue and filled with puffy white clouds, and the casino seems miles away. This is the big square – it used to be empty, but some of the fancy restaurants now are spreading out with ‘outdoor’ dining. To the left is Wolfgang Puck’s Postrio. Another new one is going in behind the wall on the right: this one by Mario Battallio.

On the square is a small stage where there are usually entertainers. This is one of the quieter ones – painted white, he just stands without moving. We saw similar ‘entertainers’ around Paris when we were there. Just to the left is a small box where an organist sits, putting out some music. A few minutes after I took this photo a group of singers and dancers moved in

Here’s another one of the ‘outdoor’ restaurants. This one Italian (who would have thought?)

Here’s the canal, with some of the fancy shops behind.

You can always get a ride, and listen to the gondolier sing a song just for you. ($60 for two, or ride outside for $10 less)

I was walking around taking these pictures and came across a shot that I almost missed. Let’s see, I did get a similar one over at Mandalay. Hard to spot

Of course – a bride in wedding dress wandering around. There was no guy in a tux accompanying, so I don’t know where she was off to.

One of the unique shops here sells Venetian masks. Our daughter brought us back a real one when she visited Italy last year, probably would have been easier to pick it up here.

Oh, better put in a shot of the gambling floor. After all, that’s what pays for the rest of this stuff. Somehow all the casinos seem to look about the same down here – at least the slot machines are the same.

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