Wednesday, February 07, 2007


This is where I get to park – Vegas is filled with parking garages, land is too scarce to have big lots any more. Well, the local shopping centers still do, but downtown you have to pay to park in the casino’s garages, at least on the Strip parking is still free. The new Venetian tower will have 4,500 parking spaces underneath the hotel – the first time in Vegas parking is placed below the facility. Well, the Fashion Show Mall has a level of parking underneath, but the also have several parking towers out back.

Out in front is the elevated track for the monorail - a big goes nowhere money loosing transportation service.

Our facility is for ‘team members’ only, shared with the hotel next door. It’s sixteen stories – looks to be about 250 spaces per floor, so that means room for 4,000 cars. I get in around 9am, and end up on the 12th floor. There are some spaces lower down, but if I park in the same place every day it’s a lot easier to find the car. Most employees do work days, and there are lots of empty spaces when I leave.

There is a bridge we use to get across the street, directly from the garage to our back door. Over on the hotel side is an interesting area

Yesterday it was just filled with screams – I am still surprised at how noisy a group of four year olds at play can be. It’s nice that the hotel has on site day care – it costs about $100 per kid per week, which for this area is fairly reasonable. And you get to drop the kid off and pick them up where you work and a lot easier than having to travel to do it. I think day care is available for night shift workers, and they do have weekend hours too. Guess its part of the extras that have to be provided to attract good workers.

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