Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Apparel shows

Last week Las Vegas was hosting the annual MAGIC show – Men’s Apparel Guild in California. Don’t know why they hold the show in Vegas if it’s in California, we are not there yet. The show is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center (our biggest competitor) and some associated groups (that probably don’t want to pay the MAGIC organization overhead) hold shows here at my place. These were going on last week. Downstairs in the big hall was a show full of fancy men’s clothes – nice suits from Italy, silk ties, expensive shoes, that sort of stuff. Upstairs is hip stuff for the younger crowd – lots of jeans and leather jackets and stuff. Both shows had several bars set up – I guess the apparel crowd find it convenient to drink and schmooze while negotiating. Both shows were basically filled with suppliers and manufacturers, and the attendees were people with stores lining up their fall fashions.

This is what upstairs was like – small booths with semi-transparent separators, concrete floors and lots of sequins and flash.

In the center of one hall was the biggest bearskin rug I’ve ever seen. Guess it came from one of those prehistoric polar bears that stood forty feet high.

Unfortunately no naked models lounging around on it getting their pictures taken.

Downstairs everything was much more conservative. Guys in fancy suits talking softly to other guys in fancy suits, with clean white carpeting everywhere.

A few companies built their own booths, I guess to express a little grander image.

And to get in on the action, Hendrix Vodka had this loverly lady with the large flat hips giving out free shots. There was also a similar lady giving out chocolate chip cookies. I have no idea where they found two girls with such skinny ribcages and such pronounced hips to do this kind of work. They both did balance that glass tabletop very well. No liquid spillage evident.

I passed on the vodka, but did imbibe in the cookies.

The shows broke down and moved out on Friday night. Coming down from the parking garage this morning I did notice two big dumpsters that had not been emptied over the weekend, each with a big roll of white carpet piled on top. I guess they don't recycle all of the stuff used to create the booths.

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