Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sun and three years

OK, some complaints yesterday about my weather comments. Look guys, you too can move to warm country. There was a show on HGTV last week about a couple buying a condo in St. Maartin, and some pretty nice ones were going for under $200,000. So you could have sun, sand, a short drive to some of the best French food in the world and really relax. (How good it a judge’s retirement? Ready to move D?) Or you can move to LA or Florida, where you hardly ever get snow. We’ve been here in Vegas through three winters, and have had snow every year. Of course, it’s only been an inch or so and gone by noon, but we have had snow.

But last week was warm and sunny. Well, it’s always sunny, but it was in the 70s and nice. This week back to the mid 50’s and windy, so we do get colder weather. Our fruit trees are starting to bloom, and E is enjoying digging in the dirt and finding worms. She likes bare toes in the grass and dirt.

Just noticed that this is my third anniversary. Feb 27, 2004 I wrote my first episode. On my second post I put up a photo of our snow that winter – one day at the end of December when we awoke to find this scene across the street.

Our neighbor’s olive and palm trees turning white. But it did get up to 60 that day and it all disappeared rather quickly. No snow shovels out here. (nya nya)

In previous posts I suggested things to do on the strip. I'll try to pull together a post with suggested restaurants and get it up soon. If any of you want specifics, please email me with questions.

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