Friday, February 23, 2007

E Friday

Still trying to do it for VG.

In the morning mom brings E over on her way to work. Usually she runs in smiling and then goes over to her little table and plays with her puzzles and animals. When Grandma is done talking she walks back into the kitchen and puts together E’s breakfast – it’s usually oatmeal with blueberries. Sometimes during this process E wanders back in and indicates she is ready to sit down and eat by looking at us and saying ‘T – T – T - Emo – emo – emo’. This means that it’s time for Sesame Street and Elmo. The TV only goes on for a little while during breakfast, SS is also fun to dance with and as indicated before she loves Elmo. She sometimes just sits, fascinated with whatever Elmo is doing, and grammy ends up spooning oatmeal into her mouth. She also is fairly good at handling the spoon herself, and usually gets it in her mouth. Usually.

She also works with the spaghetti. That doesn’t work too well with the small fork, so usually fingers are called for. She likes grandpa’s spaghetti.

This week she has decided that her animals want to participate in whatever she is doing. She now has too many to carry by herself in one trip. They communicate at lunch.

And with the warm weather this week they all like to ride in the swing together. This is another one of E’s ‘smile for the camera’ smiles.

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