Friday, February 16, 2007

E at the park

The weather was nice here this week – supposed to be up in the low 70’s again. I used to live in upstate New York, and have to laugh remembering what it was like, now that Oswego has had what, ten feet of snow the past week? Oh well, glad somebody likes that stuff or else the nice places would be packed with even more people.

I was going to do a series on E eating, but in honor of the warm weather thought I’d do her trip to the park yesterday instead. We live two blocks from a nice big park, with lots of grass and a kids play area. B pulls E down there in the wagon whenever the weather is nice and she wants to go. It’s easy to tell – she’ll climb in the wagon with all her toys and sit saying “go – go – go!”. Some days this week have been spent in the grass in our back yard, in bare feet – E likes the grass between her toes. But back to the park –

On the side of a big structure with slides and steps and towers is this big climbing net. E has learned how to get up a few steps, not all the way to the top yet.

She does go up the steps very well now, and really likes the slide.

She’ll go up and down and up and down for quite a while.

But she also likes the swings. We have one in our back yard, and she can sit and watch the birds and clouds and grass go by for quite a while, as long as you keep it moving. She hasn’t learned how to move it herself yet.

But this is my favorite shot. She really does look like she wants Grammy to join her.

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