Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A 'typical' Vegas convention?

I just finished reading an interesting article in today’s paper about the third annual ‘Modern Drunkard Magazine Convention’ recently held here in Las Vegas. It doesn’t sound like something I would attend, but it did sound interesting. Most of the events seemed to revolve around drinking and then trying to do things.

Events at the convention included ‘Interactive Drunken Jenga Poetry’, ‘Liquor Olympics’ which included chugging beer, hitting on a floozy and dragging a drunk guy across stage, and ‘Tipsy Trivia’. Highlights included a burlesque show featuring a gal churning butter with her breasts (among other impressive feats), convention host Titsa Galore, and the most frequently overheard quote ‘What happened last night?’.

Would this be held in any other city?

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