Friday, June 09, 2006

Mandalay and E Friday

Last week we wandered over to Mandalay Bay to meet some of B’s relatives.

We didn’t eat there, even though some of the best restaurants in town are there, because these relatives are basically cheap, but don’t tell them I said so. Also because we don’t eat there very often because we too are cheap, but not as much as some others. A good meal at one of the good Mandalay restaurants will usually run at least a hundred dollars for two, or much more depending on which place you pick, and what you eat, and if you have wine or dessert too.

It’s a nice building, the casino is OK, and you can walk across the bridge over to the Luxor pyramid and shop along the way, or take the tram to the Luxor or the Excalibur, all being owned by the same organization. I pass by the side of this place every day going to/from work, and depending on the time of year might have a golden sun reflected into my face while waiting at the corner traffic light.

If you are here and doing well you can hit one of the really expensive places,

The wedding chapel. It’s not expensive up front, but probably will result in the flow of many $$$$. (or pounds, or Euros, or whatever). Yes, OK, might be much happiness too. I didn’t go in, so I don’t know if Elvis was in attendance.

There are nice places to sit and have a drink and look at the action on the casino floor.

The Bellagio also has a few bars that open right onto the casino, so you can sit and talk and relax and watch others spending their money. And a few winning the money of others.

The Mandalay was about the first to come up with a cool summer concert venue

the Beach. Where you can sit in the water and watch a concert up on stage. The stage is over to the right. This is one of those pools that is rather shallow, and has a wave making machine so you can sit on the sand and have waves roll over you. Well, not over unless you sit really low, but roll by. I don’t know if they turn off the wave machine while concerts are going on. But it probably would be really nice to have a warm night concert while standing in the water, cool breezes blowing by, and a cocktail waitress in a skimpy bikini (never having been there, I just imagine based on the typical cocktail waitresses in the casinos) bring you expensive drinks. Sorry Deanna, no pool boys here unless you bring your own. It’s Vegas; it’s pool girls. Looks like a nice pool to just sit at in the afternoon too. I like those sloping entrance pools, so you can walk in and stop at whatever water depth pleases you. If it wasn’t so expensive I’d consider changing mine over to that style. Now if I can just get B to wear those little Brazilian string things, and bring me drinks, instead of her sitting in the water asking me to bring her one. Deanna, I'm expecting you in a little Brazilian number when you hit Vegas, you can sit in one of the Casino pools and play blackjack while cooling off.

And for earlier questions, yes, lots of people in Vegas have pools. Especially in the area we are in, the older a home is the higher chance that you will have a pool inserted at some point in the house’s life. But even in the brand new housing tracts, quite a few people put pools into those tiny little yards. I’ll try to get some pictures of a newer pool. If you fly into or out of Vegas in the daytime you can see all of the little blue spots in backyards down below.

OK, on to E Friday.

Back to her birthday party. Mom made some cupcakes – organic of course, with healthy stuff and cream cheese icing. Little fingers enjoyed the icing almost as much as little mouth (or cheeks or chin).

And to show Dana that there is a Princess around

No competition yet for Queen of the Universe, so don’t worry.

Just want to point thank Brighton for pointing to Miss Doxie, wherein you will find a nice treatment of how to give dogs a bath. It’s an adventure trying it with our two, must be interesting when there are four.

Oh, our guys came from the pound in SD about eleven years ago. The vet back then thought Max was a year or so old, half a puppy, and probably a small terrier breed. Buster was felt to be about four, and a lot Chihuahua and something else. Buster weighs in at ten pounds, Max at nine. Buster has the typical Chihuahua buggy eyes, and a pronounced under bite that makes him look really vicious. Max has the terrier sharp teeth and barky bouncy nature.

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