Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Around town

Oh my, here a Vegas blog and I’ve been ignoring our local pictures. Well, I spent some time with Photoshop last night and pulled out pics from the list, so let’s spend some time on local events.

A few weeks ago we joined in for a WalkAmerica thingie downtown. Haven’t been downtown in the daytime in a while, so it sounded like a nice way to spend some morning time. We all gathered at Neonopolis – a relatively new shopping center just east of the downtown area. It’s not done too well, nothing big to draw people across the street. The concept of old neon signs might be nice, but doesn’t make for a big tourist draw.

But it does look pretty at night all lit up. Most of the attendees at the walk were part of big companies. Our bank had twelve of us sign up. We got nice grey company logoed t shirts. Most companies gave participants shirts, and matching balloons, so the atmosphere was festively coloured.

When we started we headed west under the canopy –

Not very impressive in the daytime. We haven’t been down at night either since they replaced the big bulbs with tiny leds, which is supposed to make it a really nice hi def experience. Our walk continued in a big circle and back to our car in the Neonopolis parking garage.

Lunchtime walks at work have ceased for the season. I like walking in the warm, but don’t like getting back to work a sweaty and spending the rest of the afternoon like that. (no, no showers at this place). But one of the last cool days I came across some new construction going on – more office buildings being added to the large park we are part of.

There are several buildings going up. This one already has steel going up six floors – so you can see how tall the crane is. And it’s one of those portable things on treads, not a built in place crane.

For larger cranes, there are some condos being built further west of us, in the Summerlin area.

These things will probably top out at over fifty stories or so. I don’t know who buys all of these things. People with money, of course.

On my drive home I drive a short way on Las Vegas Boulevard, just past the end of the airport runways, then cross the freeway just south of Mandalay Bay. Right at that intersection is a small wedding chapel. It used to be the first one you would drive past coming into town from LA, but that was before the freeway, when all traffic would come up the Strip. The chapel is still there, and I frequently see wedding parties coming and going.

It’s a cute place, the only one on the south end of the strip. Most of the other chapels are downtown, where you can hit the courthouse for your wedding license, then travel a few blocks for the ceremony. I don’t know if Elvis is available as the minister at this one.

So that’s bouncing you around town – from the downtown canopy to the south end of the strip to the west side. Since I live west of I-15 – that seems to be the north/south dividing line in town, whichever side of the divide you live on is the side you spend most of your time on, no shots of anything really east.

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