Thursday, June 01, 2006

more troops to Iraq?

(major complaints deleted)

Wrote that stuff yesterday, boy it’s easy to be negative at times. I was reading the news of us sending even more troops to Iraq, and just couldn’t keep quiet. But those shots of scotch seemed to help.

I found that shot of the Town & Country from my SD post – it really is a pretty place, unfortunately it seems I’ll be going down there a few more times in the near future (no, it’s not always fun)

OK, let’s just part on a blue sky note. Looking at the jet trails from LA a few days ago, thinking about where those people were flying to.

I’m sitting here munching some chocolate (yes, of course). I bought a big bag of dark stuff at Costco for one of the analysts here (that is, if she walks over and gets some before I eat it all). One of the flavors is ‘Hershey’s extra dark with cranberries, blueberries & almonds’. Yes, does not taste as great as the description would lead you to believe.

Just walked outside, and was reminded that summer is almost here. Temp is up to 94f, but with the humidity at 6% the weather page says it only feels like 89f. It should get up to 101f (38c) later this afternoon. The hotest time is usually around 5, right when most people are in their cars commuting. Coolest time is at sunrise. I never did understand how the weather page comes up with that 'feels like' temp. To me when you walk out into 101f it still feels hot. But by the end of the month (June already, wow) it will be getting up to 110f, last summer we hit 117f near the end of July. With global warming we'll see if it has any affect.

Oh - just listening to some music, wanted to suggest that you go listen to striped Lisa (on my list to the right). A certified Davit Tenant fan. Not that the rest of you don't deserve visitors, just that somebody suggested pushing a site once in a while, so Lisa gets this push due to her music. Thanks Lisa!

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