Monday, June 19, 2006

Morning sunrise

Some pictures I was going to put in last week, but for some reason did not upload –

I took the bird sitting on the fountain for Deana, turning a little to the right from that pic there is this interesting scene.

Looks like I caught Buster as he was traveling the yard. But the colorful plastics looked very pretty against the dark background. The tree that the swing is hanging from is our peach. It’s really big, and full of nice pink flowers in the spring. Just to the right of this tree is the ash the hummer was working.

My alarm usually goes off a little after five in the morning. One morning last week when going out for the paper I caught a nice sunrise from my front yard.

We usually don’t have enough humidity in the air to give us colorful sunrises or sunsets, but I guess with all the clouds, and thunderstorms predicted, it was damp enough high up to make the morning colorful. We never did get any rain, the clouds went away by mid morning and we again had a bright sunny day.

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