Friday, June 02, 2006

E Friday (yes it's cute)

OK, no complaints this day. Let’s end up the week with happy thoughts.
Yes Rob, another ‘cute’ day.

Last Sunday we had the group from across the street over.

Two year old triplets plus one. They just loved the watermelon and the chips and salsa. Mostly the salsa. After watching one keep using the same chip, and another not bothering with a chip, the adults skipped the salsa.

The shallow end of the pool was also full.

That’s Eli over to the right in the yellow thing with mom. Yes, I put extra chlorine in when everyone left, and left the filter on for a while.

And now Max and Buster have something to start worrying about.

Yes, she's walking without holding on to things. Not moving very quickly yet, but pretty soon she’ll start moving faster than the dogs. And those handles sticking up waving around (we call them tails) are always fascinating.

E has always liked music – B always has a jazz station on for background music. And E periodically just starts bouncing up and down and back and forth to the beat. She also tries to do that while walking

But she is not steady enough yet, and keeps falling down when she tries the swaying thing.

We went to a Mexican restaurant last night. It was interesting seeing the range of expressions on that face across the table from me.

She started out really watching everything around her.

And quickly moved to complaining about something.

But put some food in her mouth

And after a few seconds the change was dramatic.

I love that little smile, almost more than the full grin. Love the hair.

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