Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Three things walking

Three things for Clare. I don’t have the access to wander among field and stream as she does, my walks contain a little more concrete.

1. Riding down the escalator to the casino out front and riding up there are: a woman wearing a motorcycle helmet; a woman wearing a Harley Davidson headscarf with her; a man with a cowboy hat. I am assuming that the women have left their motorcycles up in the parking garage, but wonder where the cowboy left his horse.
2. Riding the escalator from the walkway over Sands Avenue down to the front of the Wynn resort, and descending into the wonderful scent of blooming flowers. I can’t recognize what flower it is from the sweetness, and don’t see where they are, but appreciate the odors.
3. Walking through the Sharper Image store in the mall and seeing all of the interesting new toys, trying to figure out how I can afford to get them all, and leaving the store with none.

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