Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jane's seven things

Oh, thanks a lot Jane (which you have told us is not your real name, so whoever-you-are):
Seven Things About Me That May Surprise You (difficult to find seven more, I think I’ve done this three times now):

1. Though I’ve worked with computers as a programmer for over twenty-five years and create web pages for people I haven’t figured out how to make things italicized or bold in my own blog. That’s why Just Jane’s (OK, I’ll keep with the Jane, maybe it should be J.J.?) title is bold and mine is not.
2. Even after doing this for over three years my wife still doesn’t know I have a blog. Even after meeting Anna when she came to Vegas she didn’t realize how I know her. She does comment periodically on whether or not these women over in England that mail me things are trying to find an American husband. She creates web pages and sits in front of her computer for hours each day, but just goes out to read the news and doesn’t read blogs unless I send her pointers. No, I have no idea when I’ll tell her.
3. I used to love creating things on my computer, but now when I get home from work I sometimes don’t even turn it on. And I have several customers with outstanding (overdue) requests. But I am learning many marvelous new things at this new job – including Ajax and business web based programs.
4. I’m having a really hard time thinking up seven things. In all these posts somewhere I think I’ve said about everything. What should surprise you is that I think that, even if it’s probably not true.
5. Though I love living in Vegas, I think I would much rather live abroad – only been to France once, but a big flat in Paris would be marvelous. I liked the UK, but it seemed too cold. I would also like to travel and visit all of the interesting people whose stories I read from around the world, but I’m concerned that my vacations will probably all be to Portland instead of to new places.
6. I would much rather play with my toy trains than do things around the house, though I do spend much more time on home improvement projects. Right now it’s a bathroom re-do, next on the list is a built in cabinet by the fireplace, then on to a full kitchen make over.
7. My name is not Jane.
8. OK, that last one doesn’t count, by now you should know my name is Joe, but it looked like such a nice line on Jane’s list I just had to repeat it. But I’ve got a horrid sense of humour. I find many things amusing that no one else does, I tell jokes that no one else find funny, and I frequently tell stories to amuse that people just seem bored hearing. Inside my head I am really very funny, but don’t know how to pass that on to the outside world. I sometimes go to great lengths to set up an amusing episode that then falls absolutely flat. A while back I sent off for this hat just to support somebody’s football club.

OK, enough thinking. I have no idea what you would be surprised with. But thinking about it, after visiting the UK probably lots of things that Americans do would be surprising to the British, so I guess I could put almost anything down (right Jane?).

The rules:

1. Add a direct link to your post below the name of the person who tagged you. Include the city/state and country you’re in.
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JoeInVegas (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

2. List out your top 5 favorite places to eat at your location. (Thursday note, after seeing other people's reviews I had to come back and write more)
This one is hard to do (and wait a minute, isn’t this a different meme?) as there are a lot of places we like to go to.
1. Rosemary’s up on Sahara – very nice atmosphere, and really good food. Don’t go often enough. Guess this would be called ‘Continental cuisine’ or something, it’s not French but it’s really good stuff. Price in the evening is $50 prix fix. The Sahara strip mall location is nice for locals, you probably will not find any big players here but the room is nice, the servers pleasant, and it’s usually always full.
2. Mon Ami Gabi at Paris, an outdoor place right on the strip across from the Bellagio fountains. Good steaks and brown soup. After eating in Paris I would relate this to fairly good brasserie fair, not standard French but a good Vegas impersonation. The best part is the view. Just a few feet over the sidewalk in the middle of the Vegas Strip. You sit and watch all kids of people walk by, examine the continuous stream of limos a few feet away. And right across the street is the Bellagio, with the lake and fountain show going off all evening. This is THE place to sit and enjoy a good meal and nice wine, watch people, catch the sunset behind the Bellagio tower and watch the fountains dancing.
3. It’s not fancy, but the place we hit the most is the Red Robin for good hamburgers and shakes. B and I usually split a Banzai Burger (with pineapple) with fries and a side of onion rings. Big thick fries, good tasting burger. And a really creamy Dreamsicle orange cream shake. The malts are nice too.
4. The Lone Star Steak House for barbeque ribs. Mmmmmm. This is a chain, and I assume that they all use the same recipes. We did stop at one on the east side of town, but they were OUT OF RIBS that night. Can you believe that, a place that lives off of it’s ribs and they run out? Anyway, when our son came to Vegas to get married we had the party in our back yard. He wanted barbeque so we hit all the places we could find over here on the west side to sample their wares. Phil’s in San Diego is still my all time fav, with meat that just melts off the bones, but the Lone Star will do.
5. My own back yard. We can do up some pretty good stuff on our own grill, sit by the pool and enjoy the quiet. Come on over and I’ll cook up some salmon or steaks or burgers or brats for you. If you make reservations in advance I might even bake one of my chocolate cakes.
6. OK – I know the instructions say five, but I do have to list a good steak place, just because I like it. My choice here would be the Twin Creeks Steak House at the Silverton. It is not on the Strip but a good ways south, probably more locals there than visitors, and you better make reservations any night of the week. But the steak is about the best in town, and you can get a nice filet, salad (with every meal) sides and desert for $20. Can’t find a meal at that price up on Vegas Boulevard.

Just came across a good restaurant list for those of you coming into town that have a LOT OF MONEY. The average meal for two among most of the places listed will probably be around $200. But hey, how often do you get to visit Vegas?

3. Tag 5 other people (preferably from other countries/states) and let them know they’ve been tagged.
Nope, not going to force this on anyone. If you haven’t done it yet go ahead and then post in the comments here so others can see.

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