Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Around the yard

Last week I wrote of three things going on in my yard. Here are views of some of those.

One of the trees in our front yard is a Desert Museum Palo Verde. The trunk is the same green as the leaves, which are thin and narrow, as are those of many desert plants. It doesn't provide as full a shade as the big trees in cold country, but rather looks like a wispy green cloud. In springtime it's covered with yellow blossoms, which create a golden layer underneath.

Walking up close to the tree I came upon a large black bumble bee visiting the flowers. He didn't appear to mind my appearance, and ignored me as I moved my camera up close. He's (or she's) bigger than my thumb, and makes a loud buzz as it flies from branch to branch. I know it's not a bird, but I figured that maybe if I got close enough it might match the marvelous photos of Barbara's birds. But it's black, and not colorful. Sorry B.

Our tomato plants in back are doing well - getting on in size and filling out the raised beds. In another month this one plant will completely cover this four foot by eight foot planter and spill out into the walkways on all sides as well. It has lots of flowers, and I'm looking forward to sweet tomatoes right off the plants. This is a cherry tomato, we also put in one Hawaiian Tropics which produces large fruit.

We put a shade cloth over the plastic pipes to keep the fruit from becoming sunburned when ripening. We also put some ropes around to try and keep the plant in the planter and not all over the walkways.

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