Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Three (rubber duckie) things

It’s been a long time, sorry Clare, I’ve been remiss in putting up my three things. But since I try to be more than words let’s at least get a picture up:

1. Being able to take a lunchtime walk and look at lots of different things.

2. Starting out my walk by taking a shortcut through a cooler quiet area, providing quite a comparison to the warm sunny outside. There aren’t any flowers or birds like Clare has, but it is dark and interesting to me.

3. Finding some of my favorite characters on YouTube and being able to listen to them singing whenever I want to. And looking back almost twenty years trying to remember who all of those people are in the song.

OK – since we are doing three things today, I might as well make this a rubber duck theme as well and point to three different duckie songs. Let’s see if you can watch these and not sing along.

And the one that sticks in my head the most:

I bet that you have that ‘duck duck’ theme running in your head all day.

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