Monday, May 21, 2007

Assorted things happening

Lots going on here – working on our bathroom this weekend. It was the last room in our house that still had the old 60’s wallpaper, along with a cottage cheese ceiling in the attached walk in closet. Of course, B has the big closet. Should it be any other way?

The bathroom has a long vanity that runs along the whole back wall, eight feet long, with two sinks (so we don’t have to fight when toothbrushing time comes around). It had a full mirror glued to the wall, which we pulled down – wow, that’s a big piece of glass. B wanted some different lighting, so that entailed pulling off a lot of the wallboard on three walls and the ceiling to run wires, which now results in taping and filling in prior to painting. We also pulled up the ceramic floor tiles. That resulted in the renting of a small jack-hammer and a weekend of pounding for me, trying to get up all the mastic and underlying vinyl floor covering (which they left under the tile in places). I still have no feeling in some of my fingers. B already picked out a floor covering (no hard tile; a nice soft backed vinyl) and is trying to lay out what new cabinets to put in the closet. With all the nice cabinetry available we end up with not much furniture in our bedroom – all the built in closets and drawers and shelves replace dressers and wardrobes. But it should look pretty when it’s done.

Here at work they are in the process of setting up for a big show. This is the annual jewelry show, which will be the largest show since I started working here. Scheduled to have over 3,000 booths and 40,000 attendees, it’s not open to the public, just those ‘in the trade’. The big hotel next door has an attached five story ‘conference center’ that will also be used for some additional show activities, and the really fancy jewels will be up in some of the tower suites – they close off several floors during the show and only those with really big bucks get to go up there. I’m told that the number of armed guards and police that will be on site (in uniform and under cover) will comprise quite a small army of security. Employees have already been warned about where not to go, and what areas to avoid.

This is one of the two shows that employees are not allowed into – the other being the ‘adult video awards’. So we miss out on the sparkle and the silicone. One of the guys says just standing at the bottom of the stairs during the adult show is probably better than walking around the hall, but the sparkle next week is not visible except in there and in all of the safes that are being brought in.

As far as the rest of our house – it’s all covered in a thin film of dust; the product of sanding the drywall. But there are a few things not around any more:

Somehow I’d rather have more things to stumble over. (don't think I'm spoiling her with too many things, do you?)

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