Thursday, May 17, 2007

Three Spring things

For Clare

1. We have a small fountain in our front courtyard; it’s a stone pillar about a meter high with water coming out the top flowing down. B notices a movement, and it’s a bright hummingbird, holding on to the front of the stone taking a shower in the water flowing past. We watch the drops fly as he flutters his wings and dips his head under the flow.
2. The big palo verde tree out front is in bloom. It’s a cloud of yellow, and the blossoms fallen underneath look like yellow snow. (no, I didn’t eat any)
3. Walking closer to the tree I see a big black bumblebee, moving from flower to flower and ignoring me standing just a few inches away watching. He’s bigger than the blooms, and the flowers droop when he grabs hold, having to hang on to keep from being dropped off.

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