Thursday, May 24, 2007

Smart USA!

When we visited France several years ago one of the things (among quite a few) that I really liked was the Smart Car. I just found out yesterday that next year Mercedes will be selling them in the US!!!!

I just think it's so cute. I usually drive a Toyota Echo, which when I got it was the smallest car Toyota made. I've always liked small cars, not to mention the 40 MPG it gets (OK, I mentioned it). But go look at the Smart Car.

I'm putting my name on the list to get one. One of the car dealers near my house has sold a few, they bring them in used from Canada and make modifications that the US requires, which resulted in some pretty fancy prices. But new ones will start under $12,000, which is pretty low compared to American car prices. As for safety, you can go to Youtube and search for Smart Car, there are a few crash test videos that indicate it does fairly well. But still when a multi-ton SUV tank runs into you it really doesn't matter too much what you are driving. There was a well publicized accident locally a few weeks ago where a drunk in a big truck ran a stop sign and plowed into a big Mercedes SUV (supposedly pretty safe, huh?) killing seven people in the Merc. Truck driver not hurt at all.

It's as wide as a 'regular' car, but only half as long - it only has the front seat. Imagine taking your car and cutting it in half behind the front seat, and getting rid of that long hood up front. As far as legroom, with the seat pushed back it's got more than my big Toyota. And the seats are about as wide, so us fat Americans should fit. Yes, no big trunk, but I'm all alone in my car 90% of the time anyway just driving. It will not be good if you have kids and it's your only car, but if you are single or like us and have two (or more) than it can be the commuter's car, especially with that good gas milage. And small enough to park almost anywhere - great if you need to parallel park; you can just about fit two of them in one parking spot.

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