Friday, May 04, 2007

Random bits

Latest news around town is about Celine’s replacement. It was announced yesterday that Bette Midler will be replacing Celine Dion at the Caesar’s Coliseum next year. CD’s last show will be in December, after a five year run. Bette will start up on Feb 20 – giving time to rebuild the stage and create whatever sets she will be using. Tickets are already available, and prices range from $95 to $250 (plus tax and charges). CD put on 150 shows a year, Bette will only be doing 100, leaving room to alternate with Sir Elton but also leaving 50 days open. Rumors (well, Norm, our gossip columnist) say that Cher is still considering coming around. The Divine Miss M has only signed a two year contract, and has stated that she will not be buying a house in Vegas as she already has two in New York and is quite happy there thank you.

For a lighter note – the loverly Rob points out a traffic problem reported in the news: the reason behind unusual traffic problem. And Lisa (guess I’m on a UK trip today) leads to an interesting interview with Edward de Bono who discusses using lateral thinking. He brings up several examples, but Lisa referred me to one that he came up with dealing with my last post, how to get out of Iraq. He suggests that we set a date on which our armed forces will depart, then state that for every week with no killings we will advance that date by one week, every week with killings we will delay by one week. This way the terrorist, instead of being looked at as trying to force the US out, will be looked at as the reason we are staying: each death causes the US to stay longer. Interesting concept.

As for me, I’ll go back to the Muppets:

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