Wednesday, May 16, 2007

News around town

Well, bad news for Anna. The New Frontier hotel has been sold, and it looks like the new owners will be tearing down the old (well, New) and putting up some newer. What does this mean to Anna? Well, it means that Gilley’s Bar will no longer have a home, and the place of bikini bull riding and mud wrestling will be on the strip no more. So the next time she comes out with her beloved for a show she will not be able to participate. Sorry.

The new owners also own the Plaza Hotel in New York City, and supposedly will reproduce that hotel out here. In back shall still be the two new golden Trump Towers – The Donald is due out next week for the topping out ceremony of the first tower, the second will be started soon. The purchase price? Only $1,200,000,000; which comes out to around $33,000,000 per acre – a new high for even Vegas. All to tear the place down and build anew. When we lived in San Diego there were people buying oceanfront houses in La Jolla (a fairly ritzy area) for millions just for the lot, to tear down the old house and put up a new one. It’s still hard for me to comprehend that somebody does that here with dozens of acres and billions of dollars.

One of the bad things about the closing - besides losing the bikini mud wrestling and bull riding - is the loss of a low cost hotel in the middle of the Strip. The Frontier advertised $44 rooms, right across the street from the Wynn where the typical room is ten times that price. Circus Circus will be about the only Strip hotel left with lower cost rooms, and now that the MGM Corp has finished it's purchase of that entire block south of Sahara it probably will also get caught up in another round of City Centre type renovation.

There is an RJ article about it. Oh, just read the article – the last line talks about Gilley’s having ‘live mud wrestling’. Makes me wonder what the alternative is – ‘dead mud wrestling’? Kind of like those places that advertise ‘live nude girls’ – I sure hope guys going there don’t expect something else.

Also for you country fans; Shania seen with Mutt around town, haven’t read much about her since she moved to Switzerland. She’s in town for last night’s Country Music Awards, which provided a nice show. All of the stars can be seen at various nightclubs, including Toby Keith at his own place. But Vegas always is a good place for seeing celebrities around town – you might be walking through the Caesar’s Shops some lunchtime and catch almost anybody having lunch at the assorted places there.

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