Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday notes

Just a few quick items –
Thanks to Lisa for finding a Muppet flick that I missed last week. I was looking at originals and not current ones.

And it included my favorite; the twist scene.

Overheard walking down the hall - somebody yelling to a friend "You tell her, I don't know nuthin'". There was a lot of talk a few years ago over Ebonics that seems to have disappeared. I was watching My Fair Lady this weekend, and always laugh at the professor’s line in the opening scene while singing ‘Why Can’t the English?’, with a line about speaking English properly: The American’s haven’t done it in years. Which leads over to Petite, where there is a pointer to an interesting translation web site; put yours in: gizoogle.

And for those of you interested (or not), the follow-up on that Luxor bombing last week, The RJ explains that it was what I thought: an ex boyfriend wanting to get back at the new boyfriend. A little put off that an earlier story about the victim that discussed his wife and one year old son coming up from Mexico to visit him. If he was such a good guy and husband, where did the girlfriend come into this?

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