Friday, May 11, 2007

E Friday and things to do this weekend

Around town this weekend – the Academy of Country Music Awards are here at the MGM on Saturday. This means that quite a few CW artists will be performing around town. Downtown under the canopy will be some free afternoon shows, with Gretchen Wilson being one of the singers. The VH! Rock Honors will be at Mandalay Bay, where you can see Ozzy. Other performances around include Chicago (are they still together?), Foreigner, Chris Isaak, Jay Leno and Johnny Mathis. And Sir Elton is back at Caesar’s during Celene’s break. Something for everybody.

For VG, I still have some E pics left. We set up the camera last weekend and now grammy and E can see each other over the computer. She doesn’t talk much, but really likes to show off dancing. Before she left we got a stack of kid’s music Cds and she liked to dance to several of them. B used to take her to the local library each Tuesday for the small kids reading program, and the leader there played assorted songs for the kids to dance to during the morning session, those are the ones she really knows how to rock to.

In her stripes for Lisa.

On Sunday mornings I like to sit and drink my coffee and read the thick newspaper. I usually save the comics for last, as dessert. E stayed with us one weekend while the folks were scoping out Portland, and though she can’t read yet she did want to see what granddad was interested in.

Almost seems that she knows what’s going on, doesn’t it? Now if I can just slip some coffee into that sippy cup.

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