Tuesday, May 29, 2007

E Tuesday

Tuesday – wow, been home for four days and I missed E Friday (sorry VG) so let’s catch up a little. Let’s start with some before they get too old. It was a little warm here at Easter, so rather than do the ‘traditional’ Easter Egg Hunt out in the back yard we used a dozen little stuffed bunnies. These were much more fun to find.

Of course, she needed the frog and the duck to help her with the search.

(it took her quite a while to find that one in the car)

A few days later we were all having lunch outside. As you can see, the boys were on hand to supervise (and look for things dropped)

We tried some cheesy goldfish, they usually are good, but I guess the color of this one was a little off. Thought we would try something other than the traditional 'gold' goldfish, guess I should have known better.

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