Monday, December 22, 2008

Video Monday - Red Dwarf

OK, too many people are getting serious about Christmas, with all the shopping and relatives and screaming demanding kids so I thought we’d do a few non-serious videos today. Don’t know why because I’m still singing about the dead skunk in the middle of the road (thanks FN)

Not a music video, but a clip from the Young Ones, an old British tv show that we really liked when it was on.

Keeping in the non-music video mode, one of my favorite tv shows ever is another British one, the Red Dwarf from twenty years ago. When a accident kills all but one crew member on the mining ship Red Drawf, Lister(kept in statis for 3 million years), along with Rimmer(a hologram of his dead roommate), Cat(a human/cat that evolved from Lister's pet cat on the ship) and Holly(the ship's computer) must find a way back to earth. In a later season they were joined by a robot, and at times other holograms wander through. Here is the opening episode.

But Cat is my favorite character. Here he gets some fish out of the food dispenser.

And here he marks everything as his.

OK, have to have some music we can do Elmo and Martina McBride

And we can end up with one referred to by my New Zealand radio station, evidently the #1 downloaded song from Itunes last week. It’s the Lonely Island (with PG lyrics, so not with the kids around unless you want to explain)

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