Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving weather

Wow, long weekend, I could sure get used to not coming in to work. Especially with E at our place, she is just a joy. Anyway, thought I would not post any pictures of turkey, since most of you have probably seen enough of it. My last post discussed rain - something that usually is not seen around here. Well, we ended up with a whole .29 inches of rainfall on Wednesday, then it rained again on Thanksgiving day, bringing down a whole more .14 inches. (for those of you metrically declined that would be about 12mm of water) Doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is for us. And here E was down from Portland to enjoy the sunshine and we ended up having rain. Oh well. So I thought I’d share the rain with you.

On Thursday it looked like one of those Hollywood movie rains - where the sun is shining yet water is falling (probably from some big hoses, but here it was real). Sorry you can’t see the raindrops too well in the picture, but they are there.

And see here, on our acacia out front, real water that fell from the sky!

I also talked about the yellow leaves from our peach tree. Well, the whole tree didn’t turn yellow, just a few random leaves before they drop. Here is what it looks like now:

The ash in front of the peach is a little bronzy, that’s the color it turns, but usually a nice deep shade. Again, I blame the warmer fall weather. Up against the wall - that’s our grapes still keeping the leaves on as well. In front is our line of rosemary up against the low wall. We put in thirty or so little bushes along the hundred foot stretch when we pulled out the grass and did the desert landscaping. It’s all full of little blue flowers and lots of bees. The other flowers in the garden are still doing well. That flow of white is alyssum, and the grass there is doing its winter part and turning brown.

Some of the trees are blooming as well. The most intrusive are our two shoestring acacia trees, again only four years old and already about thirty feet tall. Right now full of little yellow flower puff balls just throwing off pollen, filling the air and noses of people with allergies.

The Chinese evergreen has funny little flat pink flowers, not very noticeable but does offer a change.

And those leaves under the peach tree? Well, when the sun came out on Friday some of them were pulled together and put to good use.

Yup, on Friday it got back over 71f and was sunny and warm all weekend. It’s heck living out here.

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