Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Quick week

It’s been a quick week so far. Several new projects from the boss to work on, and the cowboys are back! Every December Vegas hosts the rodeo finals, and the town fills up with cowboys. The big convention center has a show, we host the country Christmas show, and several of the other hotels with convention and meeting space host events associated with the rodeo. Our lower hall is filling up (the show opens tomorrow, for the next 12 days) with trailers (they let them park down here) and booths full of stuff like steer horns and ropes and saddles and hats and stuff. It smells like leather out there. Just back from walking through the hall; one of the booths selling trailers has a cd player on, with ‘Tumbling Tumble Weeds’ playing, and I can hear off key voices from three guys in different trailers (setting them up) singing along. I guess cowboys do like that music.

Coming in to work last month I caught the full moon going down over our roof, next to the construction cranes for the new condo tower next door. I’ve carefully Photoshopped this picture so you can’t tell where I work, don’t need the corporate attorneys next door searching and finding unapproved things being posted about the place. But it looked pretty.

It’s Wednesday, and I have a turkey sandwich for lunch again! Yea, I love turkey. My wife is over with it, the rest is for me. She can do leftovers for a max of three days, while I just keep going on. It looks like there is only enough for some final hot sandwiches tonight, so that’s the end. Ah well, I can look forward to the next one.

B wanted to do something different for Christmas, as none of the kids are coming out. Unfortunately it’s on Thursday this year, and I have to work the day after. A computer guy is always needed here, and we take turns as to who gets off when, my turn to stay. But I made Christmas Eve reservations at the big Hotel Casino Resort next door. Its ‘all suites’ and I wondered how nice the place was to stay at – it is really nice to walk through. That night is the lightest night of the year for hotel guests, so most places in town have special rates. Next door the rate for that night is one fifth of what it will be the week after, so for one night I can afford it. Not much, but we will see what the place is like fairly empty, hope some of the restaurants are open, and even for one night we can pretend. No, no employee discounts, but we’ll see if I can talk the desk clerk into a free room upgrade when I check in.

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