Thursday, December 18, 2008


Just thought I'd share some of our lovely weather with you. Yesterday we had six inches of snow down on the Strip. This was the most snow down there in over thirty years. It forced our airport to close - well, we don't have snow removal equipment and the runways were slippery for incoming planes and outgoing planes could not get the snow off of them. The schools declared a snow day, the first in thirty years, so kids got to stay home and play in it. Most of the snow did not stay on the ground, it was still too warm and just melted. It did stay white in the trees and bushes, and on some grassy areas. (below two pictures taken from our local Review Journal)

The mountains west of us are much higher, and usually have snow on them during the winter. Mount Charleston is over 14,000 feet with a skiing area on it, that starts getting snow around Thanksgiving and with snow making machines is usually open for ski season then.

But on Christmas day it looks to be a little warmer.

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