Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow and Crissy

Yesterday was a snow filled day for the western part of Las Vegas. None down here on the Strip, but big flakes at my house which is three miles west, and four inches on the ground out another two miles. Not much for you country folk, but more than we have had in almost forever. Since I didn’t see it I have no pictures, but you can go look at the ones our newspaper posted in a story about the snow. And also notice the palm trees and green trees and green grass under the snow.

Last week the Mirage had a grand reopening of its volcano. For those of you that haven’t been to Vegas, the Mirage was the first big fancy hotel on the Strip, built by Steve Wynn as he worked his way down doing ever bigger and fancier places. Out in front is a small lake and a volcano that used to erupt periodically. It has been redesigned by the company that made the Bellagio fountains, but instead of water shooting up the Mirage has flames, coordinated to music. The music was written by Mickey Hart, the drummer from the Grateful Dead, so of course there is a lot of drumming involved. Again, our paper did a short video story of the Mirage Volcano. Take a look.

On other fronts, I finally figured out how to hack into the video network of the big Hotel Resort Casino next door. This was done as a promotion for Crissy, the Queen of F**king Everything. A short while back she was voted to be the sexiest mommy blogger, so I thought she should be honored here in Vegas which is the home of many things sexy. In pimping for votes Crissy promised to post a photo of herself naked, and since she did win the election she did follow through on her promise. Unfortunately it was a rather sedate naked, but heck we’ll take what we can get. I thought that this picture would look good as a billboard here, but though we now have several dozen of those huge video billboards I couldn’t figure out how to get into them, but since the big HRCnd has two large video screens out front I wondered if I could manage something there. Being a programmer I figured it wouldn’t be too hard, but it did take a while. So, in honor of her elected office, here now is Crissy being exposed to the Strip

Oh, did find a cab that I could put the same picture on, all the cabs here have advertising signs on top and on the back and sometimes wrapped in.

So, if any of you other ladies would like to be up in lights, now that I know how to do it, please feel free to send me photos of yourself naked. (please) I can’t guarantee they will make it up into the sky, but I will appreciate them.

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