Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Vegas update

For the past several weeks the weather here has been magnificent. Mornings are cool, yesterday it was 48f when I got up, but afternoons are warm with light breezes - 86f (31c) and sunny.

Now, doesn’t that look pleasant, not just for the last week in October but for anytime? I went to school in Rochester, New York, and the weather report for there today is annotated with ‘sn’. If I remember correctly this means SNOW. That white stuff that falls from the sky and is cold. Go ahead; ask me why I live in the southwest. I can think of only a few places that would be nicer. Yesterday Terri asked about Kenny Chesney videos - Kenny moved to St. Bart’s a while back, and has some videos that depict his living down there. This one kind of shows what it’s like. This might be nicer weather than Las Vegas (but without the lights and with humidity)

OK, I know it’s not video Monday, but it does show a calmer place than Vegas, and a big blue chair on the beach out in the water would be rather pleasant. We made it down to that part of the Caribbean for our daughter’s wedding (she was married on a sailboat off of St. Kitts) and stayed in St. Martin’s for a week, with the boat stopping in St. Barts (the island Kenny lives on), and watched people eating cheesburger in paradise (where Jimmy Buffet wrote that song). Terri likes Young, but I like Tractor. Young is getting too personal: I’ve been there, but I have never owned a tractor. (and Kenny does have some good arms).

Sorry, back to my Tuesday topic, on the weather in Vegas. (stop distracting me T). Oh look - there’s a link to Shoes. Haven’t looked at that one in a while.

For some reason it always reminds me of D, not sure why as she is much prettier than anyone in the video, it’s probably just the topic. Oh - they are marking the floors down in G hall for next week’s auto show. The floors are concrete and they put down markings for the booth layouts, using skinny masking tape for the long carpet runs and a pink marker for the booth layouts. If shows run one after the other then the floors might be marked up with a multitude of colours, as there isn’t time to do the layouts in between, carpet is just pulled up from one and almost immediately laid down for the next. Little ‘V’s and arrows and numbers in pink and yellow and green and blue - oh, sorry, do you ever do that, think of one thing and then your mind just wanders off on other topics? (DM?) OK, so back to Vegas.

I kept busy this past weekend. Yes, it was more yard work. This time we only had fifteen tons delivered. This photo was taken after I had already moved a lot:

It went here, up front under the palm tree. There was grass, but because of the narrow shape I just couldn’t get the grass to stay nice and green, areas just dried out. So I pulled out the sprinklers, dug some shallow trenches to put in drip hose, and dug around the edges where grass grew out over the concrete and piled the clumps up down the center, to provide for some little hills rather than plain flat

You can see the yucca in bloom. For some reason we have a few bushes putting out flowers this week. Here is another desert plant in full bloom, I think it’s a California Broom. Just full of bees and other insects just enjoying the flowers, and it did smell rather sweet.

Those are the clouds we sometimes get, the sky is usually just plain clear blue. The weather report (displayed at the top) shows clouds again next weekend, well, that just means the sky will look as it does in the above picture. The sage along our kitchen walkway is also full of flowers.

This year the sage plants have gone up over eight feet high, blocking our view out the window but providing a pretty sight anyway. Sunday morning the bush right outside the kitchen window over the sink was full of little yellow birds, hopping around pecking at the flowers and looking for bugs and just chirping away. Yes, I am easily distracted by bright colors and movement like that.

OK, that’s my Tuesday update for Vegas. Hope I have distracted you for a little while.

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