Wednesday, October 29, 2008

other weekend activities

OK, enough of what I did this weekend. Here is what B did.
She stood in line for a half hour along with quite a few women wearing these

Then stood on the grass shoulder to shoulder with 18,000 other people for three hours in order to hear 22 minutes of talking by this guy.

See, she was fairly close. Didn’t get to shake his hand, but happy she went. Even happier that she wasn't standing around for four hours in freekin' high heels. Come on ladies, he can't see your feet - try sneakers once in a while. It was at the high school about a mile from our house.

A few weekends ago we spent the morning with several thousand people wandering the hills in Summerlin. This was for a breast cancer walk - see all the pretty pink t-shirts?. A very pretty morning, and we had breakfast afterwards at the JW Marriott Resport & Spa (and casino) there (seen in the background), which was a not very exciting meal.

And I see this guy on TV almost every night, somehow here he looks a little older.
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