Monday, October 27, 2008

Country music

Now, don’t get too down on me when I admit this, but every once in a while I listen to country music. (and yes, I do listen to the songs on Shania’s videos). I used to watch CMTV a while back, it’s not in our cable lineup now (is it still on?) and there were a lot of interesting videos. Looking around Youtube, most of the ones I remember aren’t posted; those that are don’t have embedded links, so you’ll have to click around.

B doesn’t like that style of music, she feels most of the country songs are rather depressing. Well, there was a period that all people could sing about were broken loves and husbands that cheated, but I find a lot of the songs are fun and energetic. Martina McBride has a lot of songs that are uplifting. (and I love her blue eyes) My Baby Loves Me is always fun, and the expressions on people in the video are pretty interesting. When God-Fearin' Women Get The Blues is more in the amusing vein.

Kathy Mattea is another one on my regulars play list. 455 Rocket is a slow one, but the video makes it more interesting.

The Dixie Chicks have some peppy ones, but when I first saw Goodbye Earl on TV I couldn’t believe it. The topic of the song is one thing that usually doesn’t come up, but then to present it in such an upbeat melody. Watching the video does improve the song, my fav part is when the cops come by. Oh well.

Finally - one that has a link - Deana Carter, again, the video does come to mind whenever I hear the song. Singing it in my head as I walked into work this morning.

OK, yes, all female singers. But I do like Toby Keith too. And for that matter, Trace Adkins.

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