Friday, October 17, 2008

Rock Star

Driving in to work I usually listen to the local PBS station (KNPR), but this week is pledge break and I just can't stand all the begging from the cast to call in and give money (yes, I do support Public Radio). So I found myself flipping stations and found that most of them either had commercials on or the morning drive team (usually a man and a woman, with a 'helper' in the background) were talking more drivel. The topic on one station was finding out that you had put your underwear on backwards, and how to handle it. Come on.

Anyway, eventually a song came on that I had not heard before. I used to be 'up' on current music, but now listen to the old fogy talking stuff, and at work the New Zealand station I am currently hooked on Zed FM (love those accents) plays different things than we hear. I liked the hook on this one, and just pictured why she came up with it. Well, it's pretty obvious. So when I got here I just pulled up Youtube and did a quick search, and thought I'd share.

Update, afternoon: listening to Zed-FM, they are now playing this too, guess it is a new one that I hadn't heard before. But I can just picture three year old E walking around the house pumping her fist chanting "I am a rock star!!!".

It looks like Britney had a similar problem, in her new video Womanizer (sorry, no embedded version). It's very obvious that she has toned up and lost that little chubbiness from her live appearence last year on the music awards show.

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