Friday, October 06, 2006

Three sounds

1. The sound of a train horn off in the distance – the tracks are three miles away, but when it’s quiet and the weather is right we can hear the horn when going out our front door. Makes me think of places the trains go, riding one of those old glass domed cars up through the canyons into Colorado I’ve seen in movies.
2. The zzzzzipppp zzzzipppp of bagels sliding down through the slicer at Einstein’s. I picked up a dozen on the way to work this morning, it made the anticipation of fresh chewy bagels and cream cheese come forward during the drive in. (yes, I waited, smelling those fresh bagels and a Mocha Valencia from Starbuck’s next door during the twenty minute drive)
3. The shoosh shoosh of car tires going through rain puddles. Hey, it’s the desert and we only get to hear that a few times a year.

OK, one more
4. The sound of rain on our metal patio roof all night long. Also on the bathroom skylight when I go in there in the dark. The sound moves from a light plink plink to a thunderous applause as waves of water come and go.
OK, OK, just one more
5. The sound of thunder off in the distance, at times moving closer and louder. Causing our brave vicious little Max to shake like crazy lying next to me in bed.

Thanks to Clare.

Here’s what our sky looked like last evening.

Don’t get sunsets with clouds out here very often.

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