Thursday, October 12, 2006

Three into work

On my morning drive in to work

1. Looking over at the City Centre construction site and seeing thirty or so big digging machines (used to be called steamshovels, but haven’t used steam since before I was born) scattered around, with their big booms sticking up like giant’s elbows, in a variety of colors and sizes, from fifty feet high with buckets big enough to drive my car into down to little machines eight feet high, in white and yellow and red and rust, all digging away filling up long lines of huge dump trucks, which then pull out in front of traffic and fill the sky with clouds of white powdery dust.
2. Driving past the famous much photographed ‘Thanks for coming to Las Vegas’ sign (well, it says ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ on the other side) and finding a large group of motorcycles parked on the center divider, with a bigger group of leather clad riders standing behind getting their picture taken in the early morning sunrise.
3. Turning the corner to head east along the airport runways and seeing a row of planes lined up to land. Four or five up in the air in a straight line, separated by perhaps a mile or two, with landing lights on providing a dwindling line of lights disappearing into the distance. Thinking of all the people inside looking forward to their stay in the adult Disneyland that I live in every day.

Thanks to Clare.

Seeing E arrive for a day with Grandma. Yes, in more Lisa stripes.

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