Friday, October 27, 2006

Three driving in again

Driving in:

1. Driving in to work, down Twain headed almost due east, the sun is almost up but looking in the rear view mirror the mountains to the west are already lit up, and the bright red bands of rock (above Red Rock Canyon, appropriately) are really standing out in the morning light.
2. Looking straight ahead down to the strip, seeing the new Venetian tower going up. The central elevator/service core is already poured and up to fifty stories or so, looking huge, with the steel framework of the surrounding building reaching up about halfway. Seeing bright flickering points where the steelworkers have been welding all night long and are still at it.
3. Turning the corner onto Frank Sinatra and going past the City Centre construction site, finding all of those digging machines that were visible last week are already down low enough so I can’t see them. The central core of some of the buildings (it’s a $7,000,000,000 project with several major buildings) already up above eye level, heading up to whatever they will eventually be. A little further down there is a concrete batch plant that has been built on site and the row of big concrete mixing trucks parked there (about fifty of them) are warming up, their red lights blinking in the shadows, waiting to pull out, fill up, and move over to the pumps to add to the growing buildings.

Thanks to Clare.

And for VG, a little of E Friday, on time again.

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