Friday, October 20, 2006

Driving home 3 and E Friday

Driving home:

1. Driving past the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign and finding two big limos parked on the center divider out front, with wedding party and bride and groom (in Tux and white lace wedding gown with long train) posing in front of the sign for photos. Looking again and seeing that the bride and groom both look to be in their 70’s (at least).
2. Stopping at the light in front of the little wedding chapel, about to make my left turn off of the South Strip and head west, and seeing the sun reflecting off of the big golden Mandalay Bay building right in front of us. With the season change I get to drive into the sun when headed west and also drive into the reflected sun heading north as well.
3. Turning the corner to find all three lanes of traffic at a stop, realizing that it’s going to take me almost an hour to get through all the traffic lights rather than the ten minutes it takes me on a fast day. Time to listen to music and think.

Thanks to Clare.

And for VG, a little of E Friday, on time for once. (well, a little late in the day but it’s still Friday)

E has now switched to teacher mode, and is showing Elmo (her absolute fav Sesame Street character) how to read a book

Grammy takes E down to the park almost every morning. Somebody gets to ride in style, while the guys check the wheels out for notes from other dogs.

And at the park E is now doing the big slide (well, with grammy’s help). OK, not the really big slide, but the bigger kids big slide, not the really big kids big slide seen in the background. You can see the play structures that are in most Vegas kids parks. And E usually brings along (well, grammy brings, E eats) a bag of granola and raisins for a snack.

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