Friday, October 13, 2006

Lunchtime walks

On my lunchtime walk - now that summer is over and it's cool again I'm back to walking. Yesterday was really nice, around 82f at noon and sunny (well, it's Vegas, it's always sunny)

1. Walking in front of that fancy Italian place with big windows overlooking the airport and the strip beyond and seeing a big stretch limo at the front door with the driver just opening the back, wondering just who is about to get out for lunch. Vegas has become the place to be for the Hollywood movie and music crowd, so if you are in the right place you can catch anyone from local Elton John to Robin Williams to Hugh Hefner and his three girls to Paris Hilton to Liza Minelli to Bill Clinton to Kirk Douglas to Jenna Jameson. Never know who will be getting out of that limo. (you can read Norm's gossip column every day to see who is around)
2. Walking past that fancy Italian place and looking around the corner to see the New York skyline in the distance, with a pyramid close by, the fairytale castle along side and the Eiffel tower a little further down, and realizing you do live in Disneyland.
3. Walking past the big empty lot that’s being prepared for a new office building, finding a forest of big plants in large boxes ready to be planted. There are two dozen pine trees about thirty feet high, making it feel like you’re walking into a mountain pass.

Thanks to Clare.

And for VG, a little of E Friday, on time for once. Our gardener in action, with more Lisa stripes.

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