Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday (Monday?)

Oh, wow, Tuesday morning. Still not used to the alarm going off at 3am and getting in here by 4. Yea, guys do not need an hour to put on makeup, etc, etc, etc. Toothbrush, shave, shower, out the door.

No 9-11 comments here. I’ve been listening to B’s CNN and MSNBC, and the comments against the current administration somehow all sound pretty understandable. New York still has a hole in the ground; more a shrine to Al Kaida than the people that died there. Soldiers die in Iraq every day, how many Iraqi’s? Bin Laden is unknown, Pakistan is preventing soldiers from going into the mountains, Afghanistan is falling apart. My daughter went on a trip, had to take the freekin’ blue gel insoles out of her shoes and throw them away, had a hard time taking on baby food for a baby (my goodness!) on a long trip, had to stand in lines for hours (I feel so much safer). And New Orleans? Should we mention how many prisoners in ‘secret’ prisons overseas for how many years not being ‘tortured’ and finally getting to Guantanimo, “so come on Congress, you’ve got two weeks to pass legislation allowing my secret trials before legal execution”.

Enough negative. But I seem to get the most comments when I put in things like that.

Lisa, are the stripes OK?

Back with the same hat – ready for a ride to the park.

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