Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Three more, and the moon

Driving to work at 3:30 am in the dark (still):

1. Crisp mornings, having to keep the car window rolled up driving to work, indicating a move into fall and cooler weather ahead. (yes, it was 67f here this morning, but that’s cold for us.)
2. Bright lights down in the construction pit that will be City Centre. The construction site is over forty acres, and the big dump trucks look like little toys down in the bottom, but become double trailer semis that dwarf my car when they come out and pull in front of me on the road.
3. Looking at all of the private and corporate jets parked at the executive air terminal (it’s at the end of the LV Airport at the end of the runways right along the Strip where I drive) and imagining the places you could go with your own. Then a little farther is the end of the runway, with the little red and blue lights receding into the distance.

Thanks to Clare.

Wow, listening to a radio story on the Trump Tower condo being built. Donald’s new tv series this season will focus on people coming up with marketing plans for the second tower. All of the 1200 units in the first tower are sold, construction is about halfway, and prices were from $600,000 to $2,800,000, which unfortunately are cheap by Strip condo prices. But I just looked at the NY Times Sunday magazine section, listing condos in New York, ‘classic park views’ starting at $8,000,000. I wonder where all the money for planes and multi million dollar condos comes from, and what all of those people do that can afford that stuff. But there are probably people who look at what I have and say the same thing.

Good quote from Miz BoheMia (by way of VG)

“I do not support this war though I wholeheartedly support the troops and the American people even though that motherfucking-asshole-of-a-shit-who-thinks-himself-a-man Bush has done a fine job at dragging any shred of dignity and honor associated with America through the mud and fuck him for that”

OK, let’s at least have one picture to break up all these words. Saw this across the street one evening a few weeks ago. We always used to come to Vegas from San Diego and comment on how big the moon looked here.

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