Thursday, September 28, 2006

A thank you to E and Caleb and all the kids

I wish to offer my sincere appreciation to E and Caleb and all of those kids under the age of ten that have so kindly made me safe from terrorism.

An article in today’s paper says that so far the war in Iraq has cost us $549,000,000,000, with another $ 110,000,000,000 (yes, lots of zeros) in the 2007 fiscal year. Since our president has stated that we will not be leaving Iraq on his watch I guess we can tack another $ 110,000,000,000 on to that for the following year, with the next president perhaps adding even more, unless we end up sending even more troops over there, in which case these numbers will be going up even more.

This does not include the funds to bring our military back to readiness, due to them leaving equipment overseas, or the huge increases requested in enhancing our military forces. After all, now that we no longer have a cold war with Russia, of course we need to keep increasing the size of our military complex. Especially if that is the arm of our government that will be used to spread Democracy (with a capital “D”) across the globe.

And it does not include the cost of the loss of so many of our troops, and their families that are doing without them (the count of which is now higher than those that died on 9/11). Or the thousands of wounded, or the thousands of dead in Iraq already and to come. Or the costs to a country that seems to be much worse off than before we invaded that is not being rebuilt or even reorganized, just patrolled. At least they have an elected Democracy now, something to be proud of.

At least our president is fulfilling his promise – I am fairly certain that no one in the future will ever crash a plane into the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Never Again.

Since our budget was already running in a deficit mode, thanks to tax cuts and increased domestic spending, that means that all of this debt will be paid off by the future generation(s). Our last president, that lying womanizing Clinton, (curse his very name) had the audacity to leave with a budget that was balanced, and starting to pay down the deficit created before.

So thank you Caleb, and thank you E, and all of you out there with kids please thank them for me.

Look at her; doesn’t she seem happy to be protecting me?

I guess I better help find her a job; no reason to wait, with interest compounding and all.

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