Friday, September 22, 2006

Back to E Friday

My goodness, I have so many notes about things I want to talk about, but with work as busy as it has been they’ll have to sit for a while longer. Just a short – reading Anna’s comments I found out that I missed last week’s ‘talk like a pirate day’, oh my. At least they linked to the ‘official’ Talk Like A Pirate site.

For Virginia Gal let’s get back to E Friday.

We went out last night to Red Robin for burgers with the group, and I was impressed with all of the faces that E makes during the course of a conversation. (16 months old last week)

Checking out the waitress.

Looking cute. (OK, she always looks cute)

Thinking about it.

My favorite, with an attitude. And lots of teeth.

Not enough? OK, let’s do some stripes for Lisa. And just look at those blue eyes. (and that great sun hat)

Finally (for today) one reason why she is so much fun to be around. Very little displeasure, but lots of smiles and laughing.

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