Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Three more

1. Having a little dog that follows you around looking for attention, stopping when you stop and using his nose to find that hand that might be hanging down.
2. The pretty twinkling red and blue and white lights off in the distance, that turn out to be a police car that has pulled somebody over. (Nevada police cars have about a dozen fast blinking strobe lights on top of their cars and in the tail lights that blink in different colors)
3. Finding the car that the policeman pulled over was that idiot that zipped by you on the shoulder and almost caused an accident going through a just turned red light. (you deserve it, you !@#$%!#@)

Thanks to Clare.

I had a moon picture over the house across the street a few days ago. I moved over a few feet and tried one with just the trees and bushes.

Latest update – I’m back to normal 8 to 5 schedule. No more driving in at 3am! (though I liked having the afternoons off to do things)

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