Monday, August 22, 2005

Two sides of town

Just a short one – some photos from two different sides of town.
The Bellagio is starting on a new addition. They’ve torn down the big greenhouse and move employee parking over to the south side – I just like shots of the big cranes. These photos are taken from Frank Sinatra Drive, just west of the hotel property.

I think this first construction is to make a big employees parking garage. The big project that they are about to do is going to be about five times larger than the whole current footprint of the hotel and casino.

Supposed to be in the ‘new’ Vegas paradigm – a unified project , with condos, hotel rooms, shops and workspace, so that you never have to leave the place. You can live work and play right nearby. There are two other combined projects currently under construction, so we will get to see if this concept really works. I bet that the people that live there will drive off to work elsewhere, and employees will drive in.

Up in the far northeast is Nellis air force base. Besides all of the military there is a large Hispanic community there (in addition to most of the rest of LV). Ahh, the strip mall - one of America's gifts. Little shops that come and go - most strip malls usually have an empty space, with a 'coming soon to serve you' sign in the window. Indicating something new to come, but also something old didn't make it. Always makes me feel sorry for the owner that tried, sitting behind the register wondering what to do to get the customers to come in, and not quite figuring it out. Must be hard to own a business and wait for people to come by.

You can just see the top of a tent - they had a DJ playing music, to attract people into the new Mexican restaurant. One of the stores in this shopping mall is the consulate for one of the South American countries – I tried a photo, but it’s too blurred even for here. I’ll try again.

The Ranch Market is a chain around town - a little different than our white bread Vons.

Mom update - my mom spent a week in intensive care while they tried to figure out why she keeps falling down. No results. She is now in a rehab facility, and after a week they still can’t even get her to stand up, much less walk around. We have to meet with the social services group, and see what type of long term care facility her insurance will cover.

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