Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Britcoms & Sci Fi

Looking at recent posts, it seems that I have been putting down lots of words. Maybe short ones more often would be better. I so like it when I browse my favorites list and come upon new writings.

Some of my favorite TV programs are the British mini series. When we lived in Temecula I used to sit up until midnight (Ok, I am an early to bed guy at times, though when on a programming roll will stay up all night at keyboard) to watch The Red Dwarf on KPBS. I just couldn’t get enough of Cat and his little fishies. Until recently PBS was the only place to see these shows – most stations seem to have a Saturday Night BritComs run. Vegas PBS has, but it’s filled with endless Keeping Up Appearances and Are You Being Served. I can only watch so much of Mrs. Bookay. (always be bucket to me.)

But now with Cox Cable I can get BBC America, and at times they have lots of my favs. And I found that Amazon now sells DVDs of them – I latched on to several, and need to get more of each series.

One of the shows I liked was Dr. Who. Over the years there have been many actors playing the part – it seems that at the end of a year, when the actor wanted to go on to other things, the good doctor died in the last episode. Then in the first episode the following year he was reborn, of course looking a little different (with a new actor in place). My favorite is Tom Baker (Doctor # 4). I think there were at least 9 reincarnations of the doctor.

Now thanks to Lisa (added to my links on the right) I find that there is still a Doctor Who on BBC. She provided a link to the new doctor. So now I have more to look forward to.

And yes, I do also like the comedies, not just the sci-fi stuff. Who could not like The Good Neighbors. And Hitchhiker’s Guide? But the Red Dwarf – every happy Lister, the last human alive on a giant space ship three million years in suspended animation. I’m sure he was the inspiration for the lower deck crew on the first Aliens movie. Always bugging Rimmer. Just love it.

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