Monday, August 01, 2005

Phone message idea

I sit in an office filled with cubicles. I’m sitting here right now listening to the person over two rows listening to his voice mail on speakerphone, turned up LOUD so that we can all enjoy the messages left for him. This brings to mind a story I read about – might not be true, but it sounds like something that would be appropriate right now.

Somebody in a similar office situation had a person that would always listen to voice mail on the speakerphone, turned up loud. Since it was very disturbing, some type of motivation to get this guy to stop was desired. The concept: get a girl who’s voice was not known to the office to phone in and leave a voice message for this guy. The message something like: “Hi Bob, I’ve got the whipped cream and handcuffs, were you able to line up the midgets? See you tonight at the regular time!”. I don’t know what would be better, using somebody with a real sexy voice (might provide too much motivation for the guy) or somebody that sounds like an old grandmother with wavering voice and all.

This might be amusing for the married women to do: find a friend with a really sexy voice, and have her leave this message on hubby’s voice mail, even if he doesn’t use the speaker phone feature to listen. Just be sure he doesn’t have caller ID turned on. Then wait and see if he says anything to you about it.

The more I think about this, the better it sounds. Think I’ll find somebody, and have her leave a message on Sean’s phone here at work (he’s the balloon guy). He doesn’t use the speakerphone, but might give him a thrill.

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