Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Walking through the cafeteria I stopped to the news - there is a TV there kept on CNN. US casualties in Iraq are now up to 1806 - one thousand eight hundred and freekin six military personnel. And growing.

No count of Iraqi casualties - we don't keep those numbers. I don't know how many British soldiers have been killed, or military from any of the supporting countries. How many in the London bombings now? - come on, you know they were because of the Iraq support, so they have to be counted. And the Spanish. And how many more?

I think it patriotic to support our troops - yes, I hope all of our soldiers (all soldiers, not just US) do well and live through this. But bring them home. It's just as patriotic when you see something wrong to protest and complain and ask our president 'Why?'. As Doonsbury said in Sunday's comics, W has problems sleeping at night thinking about those poor babies who died for their stem cells, but what about our soldiers? They have faces and families and people who care for them.

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