Monday, November 29, 2004

Thanksgiving (and my jeans still fit)

Sorry, Miranda, looks like most everyone posted on Sunday. I was busy with my honeydo list. We've got guests coming for Christmas - DD's in laws from Canada. They've been to our house once before on a Vegas trip, but we are doing Christmas Eve dinner here. Time to pull out the old Catholic white no meat cookbook.
But since they have been here my wife wants the house to look different, which of course means work. Pulled out the front room carpet and put in the Pergo in Spring. Got the patio cover up. But she wanted more lights (easy to do, attic is accessable) and to cover the fireplace.
Our fireplace is brick, painted white, and big. Fills part of a wall in the family room. She wants brick covered up with drywall, and maybe some tile. So I spent yesterday drilling and putting up wood strips that the drywall will go on and chipping up the old hearth tile. Evening out the uneven bricks, filling the air with brick dust and sawdust and noise. Now I just need to put up the drywall, her job to paint and make it pretty.
In to work on Monday, and you can see how anxious I am to get to programming.
Oh, the white no meat cookbook? It's an old Catholic thing. No meat on Friday (well, new pope said it's OK now, but old folks still don't), and special meals on special days. Christmas Eve is one, to fill you up waiting for midnight mass. I just remember that it was all white. Some kind of dull fish. Cream of mushroom soup. And some flat wafers made out of the same stuff as communion wafers, but bigger and we got to put honey on it. The only thing I would eat. I didn't like fish, at least not the dull probably boiled east coast fish, do like some grilled salmon with honey ginger sauce now. Still don't like mushrooms. They got the wafers from the church, (plotke? - old Polish term) so Google pointed me to a church in New Jersey that's selling them, no email response to mail sale offer.
The in laws are from Canada, east - Hamilton, between Buffalo and Toronto on the lake. Well, most cities in Canada are on a lake - kind of like Michigan. So they are old area people. My daughter said no salmon, get some kind of white east coast fish, but they would probably go for the mushroom soup. So on to new (well, old really) culinary adventures.

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