Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Another exciting week

Not much going on around here. I've been out of it with some outside activity.

Just reading an article in the New Yorker magazine - not totally safe in our new 'keeping ignorant' path, as they did officially endorse Kerry for Pres, and in this issue the front part sounds too much like sour grapes - after skipping past the editorial section. Just finished an article on motherhood, and the apparent interest in $$$$$$$s worth of goodies to make life easier and safer for baby. Evidently there is a web site, baby Kate's blog, that goes into exquisite detail on the items purchased, or just desired, for baby.
Makes me wonder how much we will spoil the grandkid. DD (is that the correct term?) was over last night discussing DGK (again, is blog terminology going to letters like cell phone instant messaging?) and how much time we will spend babysitting while our daughter is teaching at school, bringing the kid by periodically for nursing duties.
Yea, right.
See if I change any diapers. Probably will get rooked into it, but not jumping at the thought.
My favorite cartoon was seen in a Sunday paper section, don't remember which one. It shows a mother walking with a smaller daughter saying 'I hope when you grow up you have a child just like you are so you can see what you put me through'. And in the next panel the daughter says 'funny, that's what grammy says she told you'. So, now I get to fill the kid up with coke and sugar and send them home to run around in circles. And I kept all of the old high school pictures and report cards. So when the kid does something and mom yells, I can pull them out and say 'lets look at what mom was like at your age'. Revenge is a dish best served cold?
But we are looking forward to more relatives in the neighborhood, no matter what I say.
Guess I should start a baby blog, with those 14 week sonogram shots.

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