Monday, November 22, 2004

Another rainy weekend

Another rainy weekend. I didn't enjoy it, as I've come down with a bad cold. Went in to work this morning and left early. My wife chased me to the doctor today, thought it might be something treatable like a sinus infection, with antibiotics, but no, just a cold. I had to switch doctors a few months back, my old doctor really was an old doctor and he just retired. The office I go to, selected from the big book from my insurance company, has more doctors, so I told them to just pick one. I ended up with one younger than the last, but fortunately he has a Physician's Assistant helping. She (the PA) is fairly young. Been a nurse for a number of years, and went back for more training to become a PA. Doesn't want to do all of the time to become an MD. But in Nevada PAs get to prescribe and do most things an MD can do. So far I've been in four times, never seen the Dr just the PA. But she is very nice and intelligent. Plus she is very good at taking time and explaining things. I had some tests last time and she took almost a half hour to go over the results. On insurance I'm usually lucky to get 7 minutes of Dr time, must keep up that quota. So the medical change thing ended up OK.
Looks like winter's come again. Snow on all the mountains, it's down to 41f right now. Different plants blooming. Still getting tomatoes from my garden, though. Switched from air conditioning cool over to heat exchanger heat. Last month was really nice, windows open all the time, no air, no heat needed yet. Lowest electric bill since we moved in.
I'm a computer programmer. Sit at work all day in front of a computer and press keys. Well, mostly think, then press keys. I also get to go spend time upstairs in one of the phone rooms watching people use my programs, finding bugs, things they do differently, things that need changes. I used to bring in my Ipod so I wasn't distracted by the noise around me. But lately I've been listening to French radio stations over the internet. Why French? Well, went to France a few years ago and I really loved the place. Plus I don't understand French at all. So when listening I don't understand the commercials so they are more like songs without background music. The guy next to me listens to Russian radio - same reason. I'll have to get his station list and try it.
The one I listen to most is French Lazy Radio. About 60% American songs, a little above easy listening but calm enough to ignore and work. One thing I find amusing is their attempt to translate some things over to English. Reminds me of those emails telling me I've won a million dollars, just send my bank info. You can tell that English is not their first language. Well Lazy Radio had some problems last week and this is what displayed:

Their logo is that little guy sitting in the beach chair. Can you guess that English is not their native language? But they are probably better than most of the phone people where I work, so no complaints just observations.
Wow! Exciting News!!!Sitting here I just got an email from Mrs. Dora Newman, 'We are Diplomatic Corp that works as a courier service and also holds special and valuable consignments for reputable clients that are honest and trustworthy.' and look, they have something for me - 'In your case, the funds in the package is USD15.6M (Fifteen Million,Six Hundred Thousand U.S.Dollars)'. And nobody in Nigeria had to die to get it to me. Just want my bank info for the transfer. Just in time for me to give notice at work. But maybe I better wait for the money to show up first, huh?
I started this blog back before I got this full time job. Had lots of time back then to take pictures, and I enjoyed sitting in front of the computer writing. Now that I'm forced to be in front of one for ten hours a day (yea, not an eight hour day here) I don't seem to want to sit at home and spend more time.
Too many word postings, and not enough of the reason I started, pictures. Maybe over Thanksgiving (yes, we are working Friday) I'll drive around and take some. Should be putting up the Christmas (no, not Hanukkah) decorations at some of the hotels. The Bellagio always does up the lobby and atrium very nicely.
Here are two 'low water' yards in my neighborhood (yes, I will get to other neighborhoods for pictures soon).

Some of the rock work looks good, and some just seems in poor taste. Which one do you like better?

One of the newer homes in a small grouping has done a really nice job:

So much for desert landscaping. I'll take some shots of how my yard is growing in.

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